The 4 Top Travel Trends for the Next Vacation Season!

The 4 Top Travel Trends for the Next Vacation Season!

Experiential Travel

More and more travelers are wanting to connect and immerse themselves in the local culture when abroad with activities such as cooking classes as well as more exclusive experiences of sampling the eats of exclusive chefs in their private homes. You could rent a villa with a chef, then book an immersive dining experience or a food tour.

Curated Travel

More and more luxury travelers are putting their vacation in the hands of top professionals to guarantee the most exclusive travel experiences tailored to their wildest dreams. Splurging on over-the-top experiences such as private jets, high-end villas, or chartering a yacht, is also becoming more popular. Today’s luxury traveler is veering away from material goods and placing more importance on access, particularly on experiences that none of their friends have done before!

Digital Detox

Let’s admit it, we’re all addicted to some point. Similar to the Wellness Retreat trend, Digital Detox has a more specific tech-free focus, spearheading the movement to disconnect regularly from digital devices and reconnect with the world offline. It’s time to book your retreat and disconnect in a secluded place on the Mexican Riviera.

Wellness Retreat

People are looking for more personal, enriching experiences. Another growing trend is ‘Active journeys’, such as adventure tours or swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, and specialized wellness retreats that focus on meditation, workshops, and yoga. Yoga Retreats are more than just an escape from your busy life but is built on the philosophy that bringing together like-minded people creates an empowering sense of connection and inspires profound transformation.