Shopping in Puerto Vallarta Part 2

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta Part 2

Shopping at the Beach

One of my favorite pastimes is having lunch at the beach and sunbathing with a drink in hand, and looking for my favorite vendors as they make their way from person to person on Los Muertos beach. Vendors in Vallarta will offer their wares if you’re interested and will carry on if you’re not, without insisting. I have come to appreciate these hardworking men and women even more, after a visit to Morocco, where shopping is a dreaded activity because visitors can be subjected to endless ceremonies that make shopping challenging. Not here! There is no pressure, it’s fun and feels like I am doing the right thing. Be on the lookout for Esteban, who sells a selection of higher-end silver pieces like you have never seen before. Also, watch out for the vendors who sell woven mats – which I can never get enough of, or blankets – especially the really nice black and white collection I’ve seen, along with many other jewelry vendors. I love the colorful, hand-crafted animals made by Indigenous artists, and so much more. I usually end up hiring musicians to offer a song or two. They charge by the song, which will set you back two to three American dollars. I usually ask for three songs and I get a discount. You could even get up and dance like no one is watching. Don’t forget to grab some fruit in a cup before you leave for the day. So much fun to be had on the beach. There!


When you visit Villa Mandarinas be sure to ask the author of this post to mark all of these stores in a map so you can go discover them yourself, or hire a car and driver, so they can go around while you shop! I know this list will never be a complete list, but I am making an effort to include all the stores I like. These are the newest ones! I am very happy to say that Lazaro Cardenas Street is sprucing up and that new boutiques and galleries are appearing every day, I am mentioning some here but let’s watch and see what else comes up. Dare to walk along and see if it becomes the next Basilio Badillo street!

 GALERIA OLINALA Lazaro Cardenas  274

I know the owner so I may be biased towards this gallery but the range of art you will find here is unmatched. Let’s just say that in our resort town it’s hard to find authenticity, but here that’s all you will enjoy. Extraordinary objects from deep in the heart of Mexico and modern works with fine curation by young Brewster Brockmann. Sculptures, indigenous masks, paintings, canoes, etc at really fair prices. With the sale, you will also get the story of the piece which is just as valuable as whatever you buy there!


MUY GUAPO MEXICO Venustiano Carranza 310

The treasures you will find in this store will make you an instant fan. A little whimsical and a lot of respect for Mexican decor and art pieces at decent prices will make you come back for more. This gallery combines serious art with contemporary design, as well as antiques and not so old artifacts whose only continuum is the beauty.

REDGATE POTTERY Lazaro Cardenas 288

Joan Kagan is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Joan Kagan and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world… I love their motto “by chance or by appointment” so, make sure you pass by and start your classes right away, as chance might make them go away! When you go in you can see 2 or 3 people working with mud and having fun! After looking for pottery lessons for a long time, my daughter was delighted she found them. Try them out! Or buy their wares, they are fairly priced and local.



I first saw the store maybe last season and I loved the look, something out of a decadent luxury mansion with lots of potted plants, overgrown orchids, giant seashells and objects made of seashells, mixed with beautiful antique mirrors and furnishings. They sell plants, flowers, mirrors, wrought iron furnishings, and paintings. Right next to Tre Piatti restaurant.