Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife is legendary!

Nightlife Puerto Vallarta Old Town

It’s well-known that Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife is legendary. Its impressive variety of bars, nightclubs, discos, afters, gay clubs, table dances, and other night-related businesses, is unparalleled in Mexico’s beach towns. However, PV didn’t get its fame just from quantity but mostly by the quality of its clubs.

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Those iconic nightclubs located at the buzzing Malecon overlooking the beach, are in a way responsible for that reputation of Vallarta as a party town.

The Carlos O’Brians, Hard Rock Café and even the Zoo of past decades may have created the myth, but the Mandala, Señor Frog’s, The Jazz Foundation, La Vaquita and the Zoo again, keep adding to it night after night.

Maybe what’s even more impressive is the fact that nowadays the Malecon nightclubs aren’t the only focal point of nightly fun.

One could make the point that La Santa and Strana located by the Hotel Zone, are now the trendiest clubs in town. Then again, the vibes emanating from the Zona Romantica every night are just as intense even if it lacks that a nightclub that magnitude; that’s an area filled with small businesses focused on their niche, and offering a more intimate, personal kind of entertainment.

The point is that if you love to party, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find every single option to have fun in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit by night. A funky jam-session in Sayulita? Got it! A sophisticated jazz bar by the Malecon? Check! Maybe a romantic scenic bar by the Marina? Here it is. We have them all.